Industry Trends

The demand of automobile mould is huge, and the output value of Chinas mould industry leads the world

    After more than half a century of development, China's mold industry has been greatly improved, and its development speed is very fast. In general, the development of mold design and manufacturing technology in China has experienced the embryonic stage of workshop manufacturing, rapid development of industrial production, product competition stage and brand competition stage of modern production.

    With the development of automobile industry by more than 20%, the number of mould enterprises and mould products entering automobile field has increased greatly compared with last year. Automobile enterprises also put forward higher requirements on the quality of mold products, prompting mold enterprises to step up improvement, and constantly improve the level. At the same time, because the mold export growth, also to a large extent led to the improvement of the mold level.

    According to the national bureau of statistics, China's total industrial output value of the mold industry has risen from 136.731 billion yuan in 2010 to 25.994 billion yuan in 2017. However, from 2010 to 2016, China's mold production fluctuated. In 2016, China's mold production was about 17.23 million sets, down 0.5% from the same period last year.

    2010-2017 change trend of industrial output of mold industry

    According to the "China's mold industry development prospects forecast and investment strategic planning analysis report" released by the qianzhan industry research institute data shows that China's mold manufacturing plants about 30,000, employees about 1 million people. In 2016, the total sales of molds in China reached 180 billion yuan. From 2013 to 2015, the annual compound growth rate of China's total mold sales reached 6.1%. It is estimated that the total sales of molds in China in 2018 will be close to 200 billion yuan, and the total sales of molds in China in 2020 will reach 218.8 billion yuan.

    2013-2020 China mold total sales trend forecast

    China, the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Italy six countries for the world's main injection mold and stamping mold producers, among them, China's mold output value for the world's most. Comparative analysis of the world's major mold manufacturing countries mold market distribution, including the automotive industry mold demand is the largest, accounting for about 34%; Electronics accounted for about 28% of demand; IT industry demand accounts for about 12%; The demand of home appliance industry accounts for about 9%. The demand of OA industry accounts for about 4%; The semiconductor sector accounts for about 4% of demand; Other industries accounted for about 9% of demand.

    Although China's mold industry has entered the fast track of development, but due to the precision, life, manufacturing cycle and capacity, and other aspects, compared with the international level and industrial advanced countries still have a large gap, so can not meet the needs of China's manufacturing development. Especially in the precision, large, complex, long - life mold, still in short supply. Therefore, a large number of imports are still needed every year.