Industry Trends

Shenzhen mold parts industry technology in the market impact of the new breakthrough

    With the die industry's technical ability and flexible processing process has been promoting the competitiveness of the entire industry, the stamping die plastic die industry has become the mainstream of the powder metallurgy, two die casting die, with large, but also with a variety of industrial products and the development of people's lives, step by step. Automotive, electronics, machinery, home appliances, metal or plastic mold industry needs support. At present, dongguan mold industry has formed a comprehensive processing environment, mold manufacturing, machinery and mold, mold accessories, etc., there is a complete supply system and support, mold industry, create brilliant and related industry output.

    Today's world is pulling the overall economic trend of the mainland labor conditions and environment, the pearl river delta changes, business exchanges, facing a few surviving walls. Mold parts of the industrial production labor, quality first will. Taiwan currently has no refund for the successors, old teachers, teenagers are gradually and willing to hands hours, mainland booming conditions, soho mandatory become independent or job-hopping, keep good technicians, manufacturers, and even workers in every corner of the dig.

    Second, raw materials. Last year, the raw material market has not mastered the material, more important is the rise in the price of raw materials, especially in the face of frequent changes in the price mechanism, see high, low loss more, while the order is the loss of profits. Differences between businesses hold the key to survival. In addition, quality is a continent of raw materials, in the stamping production of instability in the near, not bomb. How to do a good job of source control, the use of mold parts price, quality, price competition, will become the absolute key.

    The price of complementary competitiveness of accessories;

    The breakthrough and raw material of the two levels of existence, success or failure of the business relationship, will be the price. As for prices, raw material prices have skyrocketed and accessories. In addition to Taiwan manufacturers each other, more competitive prices to the mainland market share. In the final analysis, the early overseas factories were mainland Taiwan businessmen's industrial management and personnel training, templates and standard specifications, but by the mainland production, price positioning, naturally incomparable. Standard or product quality, the key lies in how to cost and reduce the cost of a production scale.

    However, in the technology, raw materials, prices and no immediate order, can be short-term delivery, that is, unable to stand in the mold parts market. In general, for a day, a week, how long should you get? In stock? Special process configuration? Competitiveness testing for all vendors. Control, but it seems easy to deliver must get top three. Taiwan mold parts, whether in the domestic and foreign markets, China for Taiwan's overseas production base, or survival, the key is to shape the market price, labor, raw materials, transportation, whether it is to produce parts or process special products, must from the above four optimization configuration.

    Dongguan zhuochang precision mold factory was founded in 2006, is a set of production, sales as one of the mold enterprises, specializing in the production of skd-61 and skh-51 thimble, supporting needle, the department of the barrel, the barrel, flat thimble, inserts, guide column, guide sleeve and other dozens of products, and to undertake a variety of standard parts. Products are mainly used in hardware, plastic, children, machinery, stationery, medical equipment, semiconductors and other industries. According to different mold design requirements, provide national standard, German standard, Japanese standard, American standard and other national mold standard parts and standard zero. Products are sold to major cities and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and other countries and regions. Zhuochang staff in line with the "survival, credibility and development" business philosophy, adhere to the "best quality, the fastest delivery date" to provide quality service, a better tomorrow.